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Absolute Marketing is a digital marketing agency and a division of Absolute IT, providing digital marketing services for businesses in Mooloolaba.

We started Absolute Marketing in 2017 when we were approached by an existing IT client to manage their marketing from digital to billboards to radio. Since then, we have created many relationships with local and national businesses.

Now, with a dedicated team of marketing specialists, we can provide all things marketing, including website design & development, search engine optimization & management, social media management, online reputation management, brand awareness, rebranding and complete strategy.

Our goal is to bring you more quality enquiries.

Services we offer

Digital Marketing Strategy​​

Without a strategy, you’re just wasting time & money. For a marketing strategy in Mooloolaba call us.

Websites Design & Development

We don’t take the ‘cookie-cutter’ approach, websites should be unique. Effective web design in Mooloolaba.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We rank your business with SEO in Mooloolaba. Your website’s organic growth can start here.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Sometimes you have to pay to target the niche or for quick wins. Google Ads management in Mooloolaba.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is not to be disregarded; it is a significant tool in your marketing toolkit.

Graphic Design

A picture is worth a thousand words. With graphic design, we can design something engaging.

Our approach to marketing

We see it all the time, ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches to marketing, and we don’t like it. So, at Absolute Marketing we tailor our marketing services to suit your business, not the other way around.

We’ve seen web developers that use the same template for every website they create, and we’ve seen Google Ads campaigns that are spending >40% of their ad spend on completely irrelevant clicks.

So, make sure your Mooloolaba marketing strategy is efficient and effective, saving you time and money with greater results.

Digital Marketing Agency Sunshine Coast


We have a lot of happy clients

Social Media Marketing Agency Sunshine Coast

Marketing statistics

Statistically, digital transformation can lead to a 30%+ increase in customer satisfaction and economic gains of 20% – 50% conservatively.

To put this in perspective, our very FIRST client we started managing just their website, then within a year we were managing their entire marketing strategy including SEO, SEM, SMM, online reputation, graphic design, physically marketing, etc.

As a result, after just 2 years we had maintained their marketing budget, increased their enquiries by over 30% and reduced waster spend on the incorrect configuration of Google Ads.

Could we create the same solution for your Mooloolaba business?

(Source: Forbes)

Absolute Marketing

Absolute Marketing provides digital marketing services in Mooloolaba, we believe in providing the most appropriate marketing direction to your business. As such, we use our tried & true introduction process to ascertain whether we are the right digital marketing company for you.

We only accept skilled web developers, graphic designers, SEO experts, SEM specialists and SMM strategists here, these people are experts in their field and this means we can provide holistic, cost-effective marketing solutions. We want to deliver something truly unique to businesses in Mooloolaba and surrounding areas.

Our primary focus is to increase your Mooloolaba based business enquiries with quality leads that are focused on the potential clients that you actually want. This journey to increase lead generation starts from the very first phone call and leads through to the project completion & beyond.

You can count on our Mooloolaba marketing specialists to create a marketing strategy that grows your brand. So, for an experienced digital marketing company in Mooloolaba, call Absolute Marketing, a Division of Absolute IT on 1300 000 248.

Absolute Marketing

A bit of history about Mooloolaba

Mooloolaba originates from the Aboriginal word mulu, which means ‘snapper fish’, or mulla meaning ‘Red-bellied Black Snake’. Originally, known as Mooloolah Heads, this was changed to Mooloolaba when Thomas O’Connor subdivided land for sale in 1919. (Source – Wikipedia)

Frequently asked questions

Absolute Marketing deliver a service tailor-made for your business. If we don’t believe we are the best option for you, we will recommend another agency/service. Also, if we don’t believe a specific aspect of our marketing strategy is most effective from our in-house team, we will make recommendations and organise the bets solution on your behalf, in your best interest.

Our primary and preferred service is ‘marketing strategy’, what this means is that we manage your marketing from top to bottom. Including, web design, graphic design, direction, SMM, SEO, SEM and online reputation management. Basically, we are your outsourced, in-house marketing team that advise on the best solutions to suit your business.

It really depends on your business, the industry you operate in, who you are trying to target. Some digital marketing agencies will sell you the full nine yards, when you really only need Facebook marketing. As such, we go through our onboarding process in the next FAQ to ascertain your requirements.

It’s a staged onboarding process:

  1. We’ll send you an information sheet to fill out.
  2. We will send indicative pricing.
  3. We may recommend an audit or simply a meeting to discuss your needs.
  4. If accepted, we will implement the recommendations and onboard you as a client.

The purpose of this process is to be as transparent & prepared as possible, and to give you the opportunity to see who we are and how we operate.

This is 100% fine; we offer many different services that may be able to assist your business. Such as website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing and online reputation management. Your marketing manager might want to outsource certain aspects that they simply do not have the time or skillset to take care of.

Unfortunately, we do not provide services to individuals except in very rare/specific circumstances.

We have month-to-month contracts unless a specific service requires a longer termed contract.

We believe that lock-in contracts are ‘red flags’ and should be avoided. A vendor/supplier should earn your business every month without the need for locking you into a long contract.

Our services are tailored to each client’s needs, as such our pricing is tailored to each client.

We supply ‘ball-park’ pricing in the initial stages of communication, and all pricing will be outlined clearly with no hidden costs upon final acceptance.

We can perform a non-intrusive audit and provide you with a report so that you know you are getting the services you require.

We list the primary/general services we supply; however, every client has different requirements. As such, there are several minor/niche services that are not listed on our website.

Our core client base varies from small businesses with less than 5 staff members up to larger businesses with 80+ staff members. We provide digital marketing services to companies all over the Sunshine Coast, and from Brisbane to Hervey Bay in varying industries.